"There’s something dark in my future. It may be a long way off, but it feels like a thunderstorm on the horizon, supercharging the air. I just hope I have the strength to take care of my friends." 

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Kaya Scodelario being adorable.

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hunger games au: last year was child’s play

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People everywhere have their differences. In some places, the highborn frown upon those of low birth. In other places, the rape and murder of children is considered distasteful. What a fortunate thing for you, former Queen Regent, that your daughter Myrcella has been sent to live in the latter sort of place.

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THE MAGIC BEGINS - Day 16: Favourite scenery/locations [1/2]
D U R M S T R A N G  I N S T I T U T E

"I probably pretended I was reading , like, Sartre or something but it was all Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings"  Theo James for GQ 2014

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Bellamy & Clarke The 100Murphy’s Law’

”For now, we make the rules.”

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If this gets 100,000 notes my older brother will name his kid Hermione



You don’t understand;

My brother and his wife are both dentists. They just found out the sex of their baby is a girl.

I’m trying to convince them to name the baby Hermione.

My brother said if I get 100,000 notes he’ll make it her middle name.

Help me have the coolest niece EVER

If this doesn’t happen I will be thoroughly displeased.

tv meme | ended shows → lost

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